Hair Extensions, theres a lot of questions about them. What for, Whats the maintenances, What types and How much? I could go on forever!

What are Extensions for?

Extensions are for adding length, thickness or both. 

Also filling sides that are broken/damage.

What Type of Extensions do you do?

ITips, Tape ins and Breaded weft.

Whats the maintenance like?

Mostly all extensions like tape ins, i-tips, beaded weft! They last about 6- 10 weeks in the hair! To maintain healthy hair with extensions and not  damaging your hair, is but using Sulphate and Paraben free shampoo and conditioner it’s a must, with no exceptions. Wet brush! The brush that I swear by! It will not damage your hair. Invest in a Heat protecter and Moisturizer cream or oil! 

What Brand of Extensions do you use?

The Hair Shop.

How much?

To get an exact Prices, is coming in for a Free 15 min consultations, I need to see and feel your hair because I need to know how much hair you have, the length, texture and to colour match you! 

How long is the Service?

2- 6hrs.