Hair Extensions, theres a lot of questions about them. What for, Whats the maintenances, What types and How much? I could go on forever!

What are Extensions for?

Extensions are for adding length, thickness or both. 

Also filling sides that are broken/damage.

What Type of Extensions do you do?

I-Tips, Tape ins and Hand Tied Extenison.

Whats the maintenance like?

Mostly all extensions like tape Ins, i-tips, Hand Tied Extensions! They last about 6-10 weeks in the hair! To maintain healthy hair with extensions and not  damaging your hair, is by using Sulphate and Paraben free shampoo and conditioner it’s a must, with no exceptions. Wet brush! This brush that I swear by! It will not damage your hair. Invest in a Heat protecter and Moisturizer cream or oil! 

What Brand of Extensions do you use?

The Hair Shop.

Philocaly Hair Extensions.

How much?


Pricing is very individual, first time clients can expect to invest $800-$1500 for us to work together.

This investment includes custom colour, hand tied hair, installation, haircut, styling, and care package.

Professional and sulfate free products are REQUIRED to be used after installation.


For my returning clients you can expect the following:

Retighten the extensions every 6-8 weeks based on individual client.

Replace Hair approx. every 4-6 months with brand new hair.

A usual tightening and color touch up ranges between $200-$500.

How long is the Service?

2- 6hrs.