Tori Navitka.

l've been doing hair for 7 years.

Licensed Hairstylists.

Extenison Specialist.

Balayage Specialist.

Colour Brands that I use is Redken, GoldWell, and Schwarzkopf.

Styling Brands that I use is R&CO Kevin Murphy, EVO

Best gig: I did the hair for the wedding show for 2 years, and absolutely loved it! In 2017 I did hair for a Skin Care Commercial. It was really cool and exciting to have that experience!

Inspirations: I have a lot of inspirations! I have two hairstylist that inspire me Anh Co Tran his hair cutting skills are amazing! Briana Cisneros her Balayage skills and colouring is amazing! My goal is one day is to take a class or shadow them and learn from them!

My clients inspire me too! I love when clients leave happy and feeling beautiful after they leave my chair!

Guilty pleasures: Lipsticks, Ginger ale, I have a lot but can’t think of them right now!!

Celebrities whose hair you’d like to do: Queen B! Rihanna, and Khloe Kardashian

Favourite Kevin Murphy, R & CO and EVO products: 

Kevin Murphy, I love the Repair Me line it smells amazing and makes your hair feel and look like a million bucks! I do love Hair Resort before and after styling the hair it gives shine and texture! and I can’t forget Session Spray, I love it for my up-do’s.

R&CO, My favourite shampoo and conditioner from R&CO is television, it reminds me of an old product from R&CO, that got discontinued, it gives the hair a lot of shine and makes it look and feel healthy! High Dive is one of my favourite styling product for my curly hair clients, it’s a moisture and shine cream! I don’t know about you but thats curly hair goals, my hair is natural curly and I love it in my hair, it also helps with fizz when its curly or straight!

Evo, I love Water Killer dry shampoo, it doesn’t smell or look like you are hiding 4 day hair! it comes in a brunette and blonde shade! I love Haze also its a styling powder that you could use in your roots and give you volume and texture! I use it on my fine hair clients that want volume!

Favourite thing to do with hair: Balayage, Colours, Highlights, Extensions, Cutting, especially when some one wants to donate their hair and styling!

Best tip for doing hair: 

1.If you're putting your hair up in a bun 5 times a week, it's time to see a stylist!

2. after curling your hair, let it sit and cool down, DON’T put your hands through it right after you curl because your curls won’t last! and always use hair spray! if you hate hair spray, get a workable hair spray, you can’t feel it in the hair!

3.Don’t cut or colour your hair right after a break up! wait a bit. trust me.